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About Prima Materia

Prima materia is a term from the alchemists that refers to "the chaos and raw material out of which the refined substance or 'gold' is produced." To Jung, prima materia is the sh*t in our psyches that when made conscious and integrated, gives us the opportunity to transform into awakened and conscious beings. Sometimes you'll hear Prima materia referred to as "spirit hidden in matter" which is a wonderful way of boiling down this complex concept. If the concept of alchemy and prima materia intriguing to you, I'd urge you to read this article. It's esoteric but does a beautiful job of describing what Jung means when he speaks of prima materia and how it can be used as a tool to come into your true self.

How this all started

There's a long story and a short story. The short story is that I became intimate with Jung's work after a mental health crisis in 2011. After about 6 years of doing analytic work, and experiencing the power of his ideas, I decided to get more of an academic understanding of Jung's work. It also happened to be my 40th birthday, so as a gift to myself, I joined a study group based in Denver and travelled there every month for a few months to read and discuss Jung's work.

As we were sitting in the basement in an old building discussing Jung's texts -- which, by the way, are no easy read -- I started doodling some of his biggest ideas in little sayings. As I looked at them, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if I could share the depth of Jung's work in pithy parcels that deliver his wisdom? And that there was the beginning of Prima Materia!

My hope is that our world can become defined less by the outer things and become more of a reflection of who we are on the inside. I hope that this small creative gesture can spark a deeper knowing of yourself, soulful conversation with others, and a richer experience of your inner world, all worn and shown on the outside. I'm all about living from the inside out and this brand is the manifestation of that mantra.

Carl Jung, if you're listening...

You had an incredible mind. It's really too bad that you're not here today writing on Medium, or tweeting on Twitter, to help us through these crazy times where more and more people feel alone, despite being connected. My hope is that I can, in my own small way, resurrect the wisdom of your work to help people gain a new perspective for their lives today. Consider this my thank you note for all that your work has done for me.

Prima Materia reader, if you are still reading...

I genuinely hope that you find a message that resonates with you here on Prima Materia. One that you can proudly wear on the outside and share with others around you. If there's a concept of Carl Jung's that you love, feel free to email me at I'd love to hear from you.